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Signs to the End Times from the Story of the Prophet Moses (pbuh)

Adnan Oktar

Adnan Oktar:  It is stated in Surah Ta-Ha: "Grasp it and fear not. We shall return it to its former state.", referring to his (the Prophet Moses (pbuh)) scepter. That is, Allah inspires the Prophet Moses (pbuh) not to fear. Those were uneasy times. As you already know, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Moses (pbuh) are alike in this respect; that is there will always be an atmosphere of dreadful events but Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will have courage. It is also stated:

"And thrust your hand within your armpit, it will come forth white without hurt." (That will be) another token. A white hand is focused attention on in the End Times. "...And that hand, which belongs to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), people will see from where they sit.", "Insha'Allah, he (Hazrat Mahdi [pbuh]) will emerge in the night and people will see him from where they sit."

Presenter : The only ways for them to see him from where they sit are Internet and television.

Adnan Oktar: He (the Prophet Moses [pbuh]) says: "Oh my Lord, open up my chest" which should be interpreted as he (the Prophet Moses [pbuh]) gets palpitation when he is anxious and prays Allah to relieve him. He also stammers and pleads help from Allah saying: "...Ease my duty and help me find my tongue" and "Employ my brother Aaron as my aide". By saying this he implies that he needs somebody (the Prophet Aaron (pbuh) in this case) to help and take over the speech when he gets excited and stammer. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) shares this characteristic feature, i mean he also stammers when he gets anxious.

Adnan Oktar

"He taps his left lap with his right hand". This is what is actually meant here. It is not necessarily literal but metaphorical in a sense that it is implied that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), like the Prophet Moses (pbuh), stammers when excited. "for You are watching us." says the Prophet Moses (pbuh), meaning Allah sees us in every possible way. "The Hour is approaching, without a doubt". Here the End Times are emphasized again. "I will virtually conceal the time when it (The Hour) will happen" says Allah. By saying this it is implied that it will be disclosed when the appropriate time comes. We understand from prophet's hadith pertaining to 7000 years and other hadith that "The Hour" will eventually happen.

"Tuck him in the ark and cast him on the water thus stream set him on the banks of Nile". There is an indicant for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in this verse. Therefore he will emerge somewhere around a body of water or a coast. All this could not be mentioned about in the Quran vainly. It has mystery, a holy secret. There is a wisdom. In the Solomon parable, for instance, or Dhu'l Qarnayn (pbuh)   parable and in the Surat al-Kahf there is always a wisdom. "I cast a love from My inner being upon you that you to be grown up before My eyes". First off all people will flee from Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) but later on he will be much loved. How is that hadith?

Oktar Babuna: "Like the sheeps fleeing from their shepherd."

Adnan oktar

Adnan Oktar:Yes, people will flee. "Thus we drove you back to your mother". It says to your "mother" not father as he has no father but only a mother. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also have no father, that is his father will have died while he is very young. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is an orphan. "...Thus we drove you back to your mother that she would be happy and be not sad". This means that his (the Prophet Moses' [pbuh]) mother may be sad like that. This is also a token. "You and your brother (referring to Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) implying that they are brothers) go with my miracles (ayat); go to the Pharaoh for he is corrupted". Who is the current pharaoh? Darwinism and materialism. "Speak to him (Pharaoh) clemently for it is hoped that he gets the monition, think and may fear," that is to say it is advised that they should speak mercifully and clemently and avoid speaking harshly. A Muslim does not speak defamatory but clemently. It is said: "It is hoped that he gets the monition". It is very dangerous to humiliate a man. You should not think that you have subdued him but consider yourselves as conducers of Allah's will instead. "...And he may fear". That is he fears of Allah. He emphasizes again: "He said: Fear not for i am with you, i see and i hear". This is also a token indicating the End Times. In the atmosphere of fear Muslims shall fear nothing but Allah.

"He said: Our Lord is the One Who is the Creator of all". Pharaoh asks first: "O' Moses ! Who is your Lord?" "He said: Our Lord is the Creator of all". What does he mention and explain first? The Creation. Explaining the Creation is what we do. That is why they call us "Creationists". He says: "Our Allah is the One Who created all and then showed the right path". Then he explained the religion which is "the right path". "...And the Pharaoh asked:", pay close attention for it is so important, "What about the first generations of the ancient times?". He refers to the first humans and asks how were they created. Those people whom Darwinists call "cavemen" were a concern for Pharaoh as well; they had the opinion that is close to that Darwinists' ideology. He (Pharaoh) produces some evidence and asks him (the Prophet Moses [pbuh]) to explain how they were created. They, the ancient Egyptians, also believed that humankind evolved from those primitive beings, that is they first emerged from the sludges of the Nile and then evolved from being primitive to an advanced form. This is the first thing that evolutionist of those times talks about with the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He talks about the Creation and his first question is: "How were those generations of the ancient times created?" He asks the Prophet Moses (pbuh) to explain this to him.

"He said", thus answers the Prophet Moses (pbuh), "This is written in a Book which lays at the Sight of my Lord". Surely the first meaning of the verse is that it is determined in Allah's Sight, everything is created by Allah. Allah created them also. All the humanity was created as it is written in their destiny and they are in the form what their destiny dictates. But it is also implied metaphorically that answer to this question is written in a Book which is in Allah's Sight. A Book. It might be any book that will be emerged in the End Times or any book that has been already written. That might be any book that informs Darwinists about Him (Allah). It, insha'Allah also indicates this. Its denotative meaning. But this is its primary meaning. "My  Lord never confuses and forgets". They say everything is a cosequence of coincidences, but Allah reveals that there are no coincidences. "My Lord never confuses and forgets", he says, "...That he (Allah) rendered the earth into a cradle for you." He, this time, mentions about the Creation of the earth and the universe. What do we do? We explain the Big Bang, the Creation of the universe. Look, all the prophets explain the Creation and how universe was created to persuade them about what they are obsessed with. "He paved paths and brought down water from above for you".

flower flower

That is: everything was created by Allah. "Thus we created all kinds of plants and couples". This time he mentions about the Creation of the plants. "...And couples...". With "couples" he means that all the plants were created as couples. Biology has just figured it out that all the plants are created in couples, has it not? They just discovered the existence of the anther and the pistil. "Eat them and graze your stocks; these are, without a doubt, miracles for those who have wit". He (Allah) says that there are miracles for those who has the ability to think rationally. He says: "Eat", drawing attention to all the blessings, fruits, vegetables... "graze your stocks" He says, mentioning about the plants and the beasts this time. All the goats, sheeps... all of them, implying take care of what Allah has bestowed. "There are, without a doubt, miracles in this for those who have wit". "We created you from it, meaning the earth, the soil, and We will give you back to it". He mentions about the death now. "You will be resurrected" He says implying all the deceased will be resurrected to pass over to the Hereafter. "I swear", He (Allah) says, "We revealed all our miracles (ayat) but he denied them and obstinated." What do they do now? They deny and obstinate as well.


"He (Pharaoh) said: O' Moses , did you come over to evacuate us from our land with your magic?". He, this time, accuses him (the Prophet Moses [pbuh]) with political offence when he is up against a wall. He accuses him of starting a gang. He concerns about his intentions that, he believed, is to form an organization to overthrow the state and injuring them. "O Moses , you cast your spell on us" he says. That is, all you are trying to do is a lie. He tries to pyschologically take him under pressure by using nationalistic terms. He employs forgery and says: "You are here to drive us out of our lands". He says: "You will bring damage to us, overthrow our state and collapse our system? You are here to give harm to us." And they say: "Therefore we will come back with a similar magic". Is this not the case we face now? They come forward with made-up explanations as well. "Determine a meeting point now. A broad, plain place that we and you would not object." What are we doing now? We discuss all this on television, just before the public eye. Look at what the verse says: "A broad place that we and you would not object".

Why broad? For all the public to hear. "Moses said: Let us meet on a festive day and at the midmorning when people gather around". He recommends to meet at a time when it is most crowded. He intends to address the largest possible audience. "Thus the Pharaoh turned away just to pull his corrupt order together and get back". That is, he summons his men, professors, associate professors of the time. "Moses said: Shame on you! Do not lie to Allah and make up blasphemies for he would eradicate you with great torment". He implies that Allah would give them a catastrophe in a form of, say, economic crisis or else. It can be anything, is it not? "Those who lie have eradicated eventually" says the Prophet Moses (pbuh). "They then started to discuss their current status and hold confidential sessions". This is unmistakably a masonic methodology. Behold that the elites have already started to discuss and organize secret sessions. The most prominent feature of the freemasonry is their secrecy. Discretion and secrecy. Pharaoh was the freemason of the ancient times. We can see all of the masonic symbols and icon on their relics. Pharaoh was the freemason of that times; he is the master freemason indeed. "They said: They are (Moses and Aaron) are just two magicians". They initiate a propaganda against them. Media of that time hypes the public by spreading words like: "They want to drive you out of your land with their magic". Such a slander it is. They think that this is the most effective way to provocate the people. They say: "They will drive you out of your land, deprive you of your people and eradicate you all." "...And they want to terminate your religion, your path". What would that hodja in Istanbul say to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)?


Presenter : Yes, he would say: "He (Hazrat Mahdi [pbuh]) devastates our religion, leads us to disbelief."

Adnan Oktar:And what he (Pharaoh) says? They want to abolish your religion and make you stray out of the path. This is the same addressing form that would be directed at Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Times change, but events remain the same. The Divine practice of Allah never changes, it remains unchanged: "Therefore gather your traps". Look they set traps for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) to fall into. They did it to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in that time. "...And then come as masses". The Prophet Moses (pbuh) challenges them by saying: "Gather your traps and then come as masses, by fives, by tens... all of you as you are". "Those who outnumber today will really be salvaged". They challenge him and that is why it is said: "Gather your traps and then come as masses; those who outnumber today will really be salvaged". "O Moses !", they said, "Throw your scepter first or we will...", that is to say, you initiate the discussion and offer your argument or we will... Look, they first set their trick upon them. "He said: No, Insha'Allah, you throw yours first!" but then their ropes and scepters appeared to be running to him because of their magic. That is what Darwinists produced as evidence to make people believe it to be true. But they are essentially sketches that are called "reconstruction"; completely imaginary sketches. "They appeared to be running to him". "For that reason the Prophet Moses (pbuh) felt a soaring fear within himself", that is, he thinks how he could create something like those. "Fear not!", says Allah, "Fear not as you will prevail". Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also absolutely prevail. "Throw what you grasp with your right hand and it will devour what they created. Because what they created is only a magician's trick and a magician can not escape no matter what he does". And what he (the Prophet Moses [pbuh]) proves when he throws what he grasps with his right hand is the Creation beacuse his scepter animates momentarily and devours their inventions. A scepter becomes a snake, meaning there is no evolution. They see that there is no evolution, do they not? Vide: "Because what they created is only a magician's trick and no magician can ever escape no matter what he does. And all the magicians prostrated". "They said: We believe in Moses and Aaron's Lord". They say that they have faith in the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and Aaron's Lord now, that is, they are convinced that they are the prophets of Allah and what they brought is the righteous religion. "Pharaoh said: So you believed them without my permission, did you?" They were the alleged Ergenekon Organization of that time. He was the Pharaoh and dajjal (antichrist) of that time. He wants to be asked permission to have faith, can you imagine that? Who do you think you are to say this, you blackguard?


"He (the Prophet Moses [pbuh]) is, without doubt, your senior who taught you the magic". So they try to humiliate the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He says: "He taught you the magic" and accuses the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and others of magic and claims that what they did was nothing but a lie. "Therefore i will dismember you crosswise" exactly the same way as this alleged Ergenekon Organization's torture methods. "I will cut and hang you from palm trees". "Thus you will learn whose wrath is greater and permanent". That is, Allah may forbid, he compares his power with Allah's. "They said: With the strong evidence that has been given us...". We offer strong evidence right now, do we not? "...And we would never prefer you to our Creator". They defy and say: "We would never follow you".

"Reign if you can, go ahead and reign!". They challenge him to do his best and say: "You can only reign this mortal world and nothing more". You can only martyr us which we aspire to. Masha'Allah! "We truly believe in Allah", they say, Alhamdulillah Masha'Allah, "May Allah forgive us for our sins and that you led us astray and forced us to deny him because of this spell". That is the way the alleged Ergenekon Organization forces people to commit crime, murder and corrupt them. They say: "... And that you led us astray and forced us to deny him with this spell". It is alleged that people forced to do amoral things and recruit them against their will. "...And you led us astray". What does "to lead astray" mean? That means to force. They say: "May Allah forgive our sins. That is, Allah is most beneficent and eternal." "The fact is that, for those who are sinners and guilty, their destiny is Hell where they cannot die and cannot resurrect". The emphasizes that, they wish they were dead but they could not die; they want to escape it but they just cannot.

"For those who comes before Allah with strong belief and good deeds, there are high degrees and Adnan heavens through which golden rivers flow and in which they dwell eternally. And these are what those who are purified get in return". "Adnan..." As you know, our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) was also a "B'nai Adnan". Yes he was descended from him. Yes it is a beautiful name indeed. A name which is mentioned in the Quran. And i like it very much because it is also my name. Masha'Allah.

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